Registered Name: MagmaTech Ltd
Registered Number: 5920655
Registered In: England
VAT Number: 912 4950 32
Registered Office: 110 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8HX, UK


MagmaTech develops low conductivity connections and thermal bridging solutions for super low energy “green buildings” (including; “PassivHaus”, “Zero Carbon”, “nearly zero” and “Leed Platinum” buildings).

MagmaTech is committed to supporting the transition to comfortable super low energy buildings with a range of well tested and durable products to remove the problem of thermal bridging. 


ThermalBridging Thermal Bridging

The lighter coloured dots in the thermal images above show heat leaking out of the building through steel wall ties.



The problem

A thermal bridge (or cold bridge) is a product or material with a relatively high thermal conductivity which penetrates the insulation layer of a building. Thermal bridging results in heat losses, leading to increased heating costs and associated increases in CO2 emissions. Thermal bridges also create localised cold spots which can lead to moisture accumulation through condensation and mould growth.



The solution

MagmaTech utilizes materials with a low thermal conductivity that are structurally strong and durable. The use of our products leads to lower U-values and a more efficient use of insulation. With a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK our wall ties are commonly excluded from U-value calculations to EN ISO 6946. Our products are the most heavily tested of their type in the market and carry third party accreditation from the BBA. 



MagmaTech is continually working to research and develop new solutions focused on the removal of thermal bridging. If you have a thermal bridging problem please do contact us.

MagmaTech has worked with many extraordinary people and organisations that are pushing the boundaries of low energy construction. A small selection of these ground breaking projects is shown on our projects page: 

\"\\"\\\\"Girton\\"\" Ash Court, Girton College, Cambridge University

\"\\"\\\\"Denby\\"\" Denby Dale Passivhauss, Yorkshire

\"\\"\\\\"Chester\\"\" Chester Balmore, Camden

\"\\"\\\\"Barbrook\\\\"\\"\" Zero Carbon House, Birmingham

And more...


Our products have been recognised with the following innovation awards:

\"\\"\\\\"concrete-award\\\\"\\"\"   Concrete Society certificate of excellence - [key supplier] Restoration of Abercorn Bridge, NI (2014)

\"\\"\\\\"Build\\"\"   Build it awards - Best Innovation in Insulation (2012)

\"\\"\\\\"ecobuild\\\\"\\"\"   Ecobuild - Great Green Shoot Out (2009)

\"\\"\\\\"Bex\\\\"\\"\"   Building Exchange (BEX) - Innovation award (2008)

\"\\"\\\\"HBF\\\\"\\"\"   House Builders Federation - Innovate for homes (2008)

\"\\"\\\\"oxford\\\\"\\"\"   Oxford University Business Plan Award (2007)