Ditchingham, Norfolk   Teplo  Tie  
 Ditch  TeploTie
14 rural affordable homes in Ditchingham, Norfolk, achieved critical acclaim for an innovative use of brick to meet strict planning requirements in a conservation area and also for achieving the challenging Passivhaus standard.
The development completed in 2013 is a single curved terrace, constructed with a 300mm fully insulated cavity wall tied together with TeploTie wall ties. The project demonstrated that traditional masonry construction can help to meet the most stringent planning requirements and energy efficiency standards.
A super insulated, thermal bridge free and airtight building envelop was the basis of the design teams’ “fabric first” approach. A palate of brick colours was used to reflect the Grade II listed Taylor & Green rural homes close to the site.

The homes have performed well in early monitoring; maintaining internal temperatures averaging around 21 – 22 degrees C, an internal air quality of around 800ppm CO2 and a relative humidity of 55% providing for a very comfortable internal environment. All with a predicted heating requirement of less than 15 kwh/m2/yr which is 90% lower than the UK average.
The properties also achieved level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.
January 2013
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