Teplo L Tie


Ties for connecting concrete, steel or timber to masonry

The BBA approved Teplo-L-Tie provides a low thermal conductivity fixing between a masonry leaf and a steel, timber or concrete leaf. It is suitable for cavities up to 300mm in width (please enquire about wider cavities).

The Teplo-L-Tie combines the proven basalt fibre bar used in the original TeploTie with a stainless steel (grade 304) L end. The L end incorporates a 7mm diameter hole which can be used with a range of fixings to connect timber, concrete or steel to a masonry outer skin.  The Teplo-L-Tie allows a faster build process with possibility of an inner leaf of timber, concrete of masonry being built rapidly to allow internal fit out with the outer face of masonry being built later.



  • Allows a thermally low conductive connection between a timber, concrete and existing masonry to masonry

  • Allows a faster build process in new build

  • Allows for blocks or bricks with uneven or different mortar joint heights to be used together

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel grade 304 “L” end with a 7mm hole in “L” end for use with standard Ancon fixing range

  • No expensive and wasteful resins are needed on site to fix the tie

  • Very low “Chi” values


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